Saturday, 14 July 2012

New constituency boundary changes spell the end of the individual identities of Hove & Portslade and Brighton Kemptown!

UKIP Brighton and Hove oppose the proposed boundary changes for Hove & Portslade, Brighton Pavilion and Brighton Kemptown.
As the traditional, historic areas in and of Brighton, Hove and Portslade are being broken up to be assimilated into a uniform, grey and bland 'Greater Brighton' (in a direct parallel to the historic countries of Europe being broken down and assimilated into the uniform, grey and bland 'European Union') Linda Reid sets out the case against the parliamentary boundary changes currently proposed by the UK's Coalition government.
Many Hove and Portslade members and residents may remember the end of Portslade Urban District Council in 1974, when Portslade became part of Hove Borough Council. Despite Portslade losing it's independent status, it's individuality and identity were generally respected by Hove Borough Council, and this identity status was traditionally preserved in the Hove Parliamentary constituency, where it has traditionally been referred to as Hove & Portslade constituency.

The next blow to local identity loss came in 1997 when Brighton and Hove (including Portslade) Borough Councils became one Unitary Authority, as the way forward for Brighton wanting City status (for which they needed Hove), and the City of Brighton & Hove came into existence officially in 2000.

This single Unitary Authority was seen by many (particularly in both Hove and Portslade) as undemocratic, especially as a joint ballot vote was held across both Brighton and Hove, so the Brighton votes and result would far out-number that of Hove & Portslade in achieving the Brighton desired "Yes" vote for uniting the towns towards city status.

Now under the Conservative led initative of the Coalition Government's reform of constituency boundaries, further loss of identity and name are destined for both Hove and Portslade constituency. Currently Brighton & Hove City includes three established Parliamentary Constituencies - Hove & Portslade, Brighton Pavilion, Brighton Kemptown - each with there own history, traditions, and identity

These proposed boundary changes would particularly effect Hove & Portslade, and Brighton Kemptown. If these Government intended boundary changes go ahead Portslade would have no mention by name and identity or be linked particularly with Hove, as has been its status and tradition.

Hove would be divided in half between two new constituencies both confusingly being named variants of Brighton and Hove - Brighton Pavilion would be renamed "Brighton Pavilion and Hove" (taking in three central former Hove wards), and Hove & Portslade would become "Brighton and Hove North" (including the rump of former Hove & Portslade, but with the addition of three huge North Brighton wards)!

The result of these boundary changes would be a further nail in the coffin of Hove and Portslade's individual identity and remaining status as a Parliamentary Constituency in their own right. The main winners locally in this new look (and artificially divided) Brighton would be the Green Party in new "Brighton Pavilion and Hove" constituency, as they would be gaining three central wards in Hove.  Three wards that they recently gained in electing more Green Councillors in the last City Council elections.

The other constituency to suffer further loss of identity with these proposed changes would be Brighton Kemptown - destined to become "Lewes and Brighton East". This constituency is already a huge area covering East Brighton and spreading from Kemptown along the coast to Saltdean and Peacehaven.

These new boundary changes would join this already sprawling constituency with Lewes, and covering the vast rural areas of Lewes, Kingston, Plumpton, Barcombe, Chailey and Wivelsfield, as well as urban Brighton City wards like Moulsecooomb and Bevendean, Woodingdean, East Brighton, and the coastal wards of Rottingdean, East Saltdean & Telscombe Cliffs, and Peacehaven.

UKIP Brighton & Hove are strongly against these proposed boundary changes in all the local constituencies, and want to protect and respect the identities and character of the existing constituencies in Brighton and Hove.

UKIP Brighton & Hove have always respected the individual identities of both Hove and Portslade, and continue to work in this constituency as such, and refer to it as "Hove & Portslade". The future of our towns and constituencies identities and status are under threat, particularly Hove and Portslade, and the future status of Brighton Kemptown is equally concerning, given the proposed joining of Kemptown with Lewes into a huge Lewes and East Brighton constituency.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

UKIP in the News - Farage in The Sun

The Daily Express has supported UKIP for some time - they have long since recognised that the UK has to leave the EU to do the best for UK citizens.

Now it seems The Sun are 'seeing the light' too! - with a full page article by UKIP party leader and MEP Nigel Farage. Admittedly it was inside on their political pages, but I am sure it won't be long before the front page, headlines and editorial will follow.

Monday, 9 July 2012

In April Seaford got its first UKIP councillor - Brighton next?

Brighton and Hove City doesn't have any UKIP councillors yet, but just along the coast in Seaford UKIP are making great strides...

In an April by-election the voters of Seaford East elected Alan Latham of UKIP to represent them on the local council.

This is a fantastic result for Alan and for UKIP - it shows that UKIPs' message is getting through to voters, and they like what they hear! Well done to Alan and his team.

Alan beat off candidates from the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, he is also the well known and well respected chairman of UKIP-Lewes

Results of Seaford East By Elelction 26th April 2012
UKIP42834.5%Alan Latham
Lib Dems34427.7%
Turn out 32.2%

Well done Alan - Setting an example for us all!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Your Party Needs You! Could you be an area coordinator for the Branch?

Whether you can deliver leaflets to a single street, a whole polling district or a complete ward - UKIP Brighton and Hove want you as one of our new volunteer, area coordinators/ward organisers.

Brighton and Hoves' Green run City Council is doing great damage to local people, local communities and local businesses.

The Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition in parliament at westminster are doing the whole UK great harm.

This is all adding to UKIPs growing popularity and increasing momentum.

So now UKIP Brighton and Hove are looking at appointing volunteers all around the city to be responsible for getting our message out there to the voters at grass roots level. If you can deliver leaflets (maybe just to your own street), we would like to sign you up as part of our campaign team - many hands make light work, with enough people we can cover huge areas without putting a heavy demand on anyone.

If you support UKIP and would like to help us get the UK out of the EU, help us put the British people back in control of their destiny, help us putting individuals and families back in control of their own lives we would like to hear from you, and sign you up.

Initially contact Paul Perrin (vice chairman) on 01273 301512 or email and we can have a chat about how you can help!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

"The Next Big Step" - South East Summer Conference, July 21st

Entitled "The Next Big Step" - following on from excellent results in the local elections - UKIP are organising a summer conference for members in the South East at the Lakeside resort in Frimley, Surrey.

The headline speaker is none other than Nigel Farage - UKIP party leader - famed for his stunning speeches in the EU parliament, which regularly go 'viral' on the internet with millions of viewers.

The venue, well known for hosting the worlds darts championships, has restaurants and bars on site, is just of the M3 and has a train station on its door step.

Tickets for the event on Saturday 21st July are £10 and available (first come, first served) by sending Cheques/Cash to UKIP, The Old Grain Store, Church Lane, Lyminster, West Sussex, BN17 7QJ

Monday, 2 July 2012

Conservative and Labour Councillors are switching to UKIP

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Cllr (and former mayor) Catherine Bursnall and
her husband Cllr Tom Bursnall have left the Conservative Party and joined UKIP.

Councillor Alan Graves who was sitting as an independent, and was formerly a Labour
councillor and Labour council cabinet member has joined UKIP and will be defending his
Alvaston seat this year as a UKIP candidate.

Oxfordshire councillor Christopher Quinton, a councillor for Woodcote on South Oxfordshire
District Council, has resigned from the Conservative Party in order to join UKIP.

Councillor John Short, who was sitting as an Independent on Swindon Borough Council, and
was formerly a Conservative Councillor has joined UKIP with immediate effect.

UKIP are a party that supports democracy and puts the UK first - that is why we get support
from former supporters of all parties. UKIP are not a fringe or extreme party, we are an
independent party of common sense, straight talking and democracy.

Hove and Portslade UKIP Social Group

Every other month Hove and Portslade committee members Linda Reid and Richard Allden
organise a Social Group get together at a friendly local pub in central Hove. It’s a chance for
UKIP members and supporters to meet up with like minded friends, old and new, to enjoy a
sandwich, drink and chat on a Saturday afternoon. This is a great way to meet some of the
committee, your local activists, and other UKIP members and supporters.

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Hove & Portslade, Paul Perrin, usually attends these social
events, so it can be a good opportunity to meet your candidate too!

The Hove & Portslade Social Group meetings are by invitation to known members and
supporters, if you would like to be invited, please contact Linda Reid by email or by phone - 07881-975245, for more information.

UKIP Brighton and Hove Branch AGM 2012

The branch’s first full AGM was held on 27th February at Hove Town Hall. A good turn out
included members, officers and officials, including the regional and county organisers.

The branch officers for the year were duly elected and a number of discussions were held
about the future development of the new branch. A good collection was made, which will be
the first of many new fundraising activities to build the party and the branch in Brighton and

UKIP Brighton and Hove Branch Committee

Chairman(/Secretary): Nigel Carter, Vice-Chairman: Paul Perrin, Treasurer: Phillip Wray
Committee: Richard Allden, James Chamberlain-Webber, Mark Cribb, Linda Reid

Who is behind these things?

Stamp prices up, Post Offices closing, and Royal Mail up for sale

But do you know why? It‘s because the EU told our government here in the UK to let European
postal firms cherry pick the profitable part of the UK’s postal services. Leaving our post
offices and mail service with the unprofitable parts.

More expensive rubbish collection means cuts to other council services

But do you know why? It’s because the EU told our government to put a tax on all rubbish that
isn’t recycled. Unlike most of the EU, the UK has plenty of space for unrecycled rubbish
disposal, but the EU won’t let us use it.

Fuel costs are high and rising

But do you know why? It’s because the EU told our government to stop using so many coal and
gas power stations, when we have coal and gas supplies to last over 300 years! Instead the
EU make us pay tax to use our own resources.

We elect a government to govern the UK from Westminster, why do they defer to the EU and
not us? You can be 100% sure a UKIP government would always put the British people first.

New branch blog for all the latest news!

This is the UKIP Brighton and Hove Blog.