Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Your Party Needs You! Could you be an area coordinator for the Branch?

Whether you can deliver leaflets to a single street, a whole polling district or a complete ward - UKIP Brighton and Hove want you as one of our new volunteer, area coordinators/ward organisers.

Brighton and Hoves' Green run City Council is doing great damage to local people, local communities and local businesses.

The Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition in parliament at westminster are doing the whole UK great harm.

This is all adding to UKIPs growing popularity and increasing momentum.

So now UKIP Brighton and Hove are looking at appointing volunteers all around the city to be responsible for getting our message out there to the voters at grass roots level. If you can deliver leaflets (maybe just to your own street), we would like to sign you up as part of our campaign team - many hands make light work, with enough people we can cover huge areas without putting a heavy demand on anyone.

If you support UKIP and would like to help us get the UK out of the EU, help us put the British people back in control of their destiny, help us putting individuals and families back in control of their own lives we would like to hear from you, and sign you up.

Initially contact Paul Perrin (vice chairman) on 01273 301512 or email and we can have a chat about how you can help!

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